Why I’ve Been Neglecting My Blog

I am really bad. I aimed to do an Act of Kindness everyday and post about it and I stopped after eight posts. For the first few days, I didn’t have anything to write about. As I said in a previous post, it’s hard to distinguish what acts are seen to be kind, or what a normal would (or should) do. If I wrote about everything I did which was remotely kind I would just feel like I’m boasting about how good of a person I am. Therefore, I won’t be continuing with the AoK posts.

The second reason why I’ve been neglecting my blog is that I’ve been extremely busy with university and work. This semester has been so demanding, with weekly assignments, quizzes, revision, etc. and on top of that I had work all weekend. Today I had my last two exams and I’m finally free! I went to eat at La Favorita to celebrate; an Italian restaurant where I ate the lasagne which was really nice. The cake was unfortunately not. I spent the rest of my evening catching up on TV programmes I’ve been depriving myself of. I have 24 more episodes of different shows to catch up on!

Tomorrow I’m also starting my diet/healthy lifestyle again! I’m quite excited. I have been eating really bad recently and I’ve been blaming it on the university work load because I didn’t have time to work out, but now I do and hoping to see a change by the end of the year.

Oh, and I now have a brand new nephew! He’s almost three weeks old and I actually haven’t seen him or my niece since Thursday so I think I’ll go tomorrow to see their little faces.

Hopefully, with all this free time, I’ll be blogging more. I don’t usually have good ideas about what to write but I want this Christmas to be interesting and happier than the last.




Getting Attacked By A Cat Because I Wasn’t Evil

I had a very weird dream that I was in a different school-like place and I was looking for shoes like in the stockroom at Clarks. I think I was working because I was sorting out the wrong shoes in the wrong boxes and then my colleague told me that I need to get Bea Karob (shoe name) because Balcony Scene (another shoe name) was in there and then instead I found a cat and it was giving me these really evil looks and then it pounced on me and started attacking me with its teeth. Someone managed to pry it off and told me it will stop attacking me if we show the public the previously filmed death of Jacob Ben Israel (Glee character who is a sort of sleazy reporter student at the school) and they were telling me he deserves it. So a plan was formulating and it involved an old man to be painting the door while hanging upside down and everyone just waiting for something to happen in a corridor. That’s when I woke up.

I’m Glad There Still Are Good People

When I was shopping today (well technically yesterday) I lost my iPhone 4S. In the city centre, the busiest place in Birmingham. In New Look, one of the busiest shops in the city centre.

When I realised I had lost it, I went back and no one had handed it in. I felt so stressed out. My friend tried calling it but no one was answering. We then went to the Apple shop to use Find My iPhone to locate it and it wasn’t in the city centre anymore! It was about 15 minutes away. We called again and then someone said they had found it and called my sister using it and we’re on the way to my house to drop it off. I felt so relieved! And for some reason I wanted to cry (but I didn’t).

The worst thing was that my insurance had been cancelled exactly a week ago. But now my phone is not being let out of my sight. I’m so grateful to the person who found it. Anyone could’ve taken it and just sold it. But luckily someone nice found mine and even brought it to my house. I guess I do have some good luck after all.

Also, when I was on the bus home, I saw an army of people at the bus stops and about 90% of them were looking down at their phones. It was quite funny to look at. I probably hadn’t noticed this before because my head was probably in my own phone. I wonder what else I’ve been missing.



I have Oniomania.

Well, I haven’t been diagnosed with it but I’m pretty sure I do. I shop all the time, with money that I don’t have. I’m currently very deep into my overdraft (thankfully it’s interest free) but its quite close to the limit.

I think one of the main reasons I spend too much is because I go to town almost everyday, either because of work or to see friends. I don’t like being cooped up at home all day. Due to this I keep spending.

An example of a useless day in town:

[1pm] – arrive at meeting point.
[1pm-2pm] – stroll around the city centre and probably spend money.
[2pm] – eat. And spend money.
[3pm-4pm] – go to the Bullring and probably find something I like and spend money.
[4pm-whenever we feel like going home] – sit in Victoria Square probably with snacks that would have resulted in me spending more money.

These days this happen a LOT. Especially because it’s the holidays at the moment and most of us have nothing better to do. If this is not happening I’m probably at work, surrounded by shoes and bags – two of the many things a girl loves *sigh*.

You’re probably thinking a lot of people do this, but the worst thing is I – unlike many others – do not keep track of what I’m buying. Once I was waiting for a friend to finish work and I had 1 and a half hours to spare so I decided to window shop and I ended up spending about £70 – and right now, the only thing I remember buying is a tube of mascara!

I really need to stop. If my bank balance could, it would be on it’s knees begging me to stop! I honestly am trying but it’s so hard. Whenever I walk into a shop something always cries out to me. 😥

Oh, I just thought of something worse than not keeping track of my spendings. I usually justify shopping by claiming that I will win the lottery.