Getting Attacked By A Cat Because I Wasn’t Evil

I had a very weird dream that I was in a different school-like place and I was looking for shoes like in the stockroom at Clarks. I think I was working because I was sorting out the wrong shoes in the wrong boxes and then my colleague told me that I need to get Bea Karob (shoe name) because Balcony Scene (another shoe name) was in there and then instead I found a cat and it was giving me these really evil looks and then it pounced on me and started attacking me with its teeth. Someone managed to pry it off and told me it will stop attacking me if we show the public the previously filmed death of Jacob Ben Israel (Glee character who is a sort of sleazy reporter student at the school) and they were telling me he deserves it. So a plan was formulating and it involved an old man to be painting the door while hanging upside down and everyone just waiting for something to happen in a corridor. That’s when I woke up.